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          Participants in WomenThrive Leadership complete an application prior to being admitted. We can't—and don't—say yes to everyone who applies. We filter for the right mindset, and are looking for women who are ready to learn, grow, and get into action. If you want to get to your next level, join us!


          WomenThrive Leadership participants are women who want to have an impact, are open to receiving support and feedback on their journey, and want to embrace the totality of who they are to create success that works for them and their organizations.


          The intention is to bring together a group of diverse, dynamic, experienced women from a variety of industries, positions, backgrounds, and perspectives to create a rich and supportive learning environment.


Our participants:

  • are interested in enhancing their self-awareness, effectiveness, and upside potential in their careers and lives

  • are wise, committed, and powerful and are serious about closing the gap between who they are and who they want to be

  • lead within organizations or small businesses, or provide leadership in their communities

  • come from a variety of organizations: for profit, non-profit, entrepreneur, solopreneur, etc.

  • are ready to take their leadership and life’s work to the next level

  • want to connect with other empowered women in a co-creative setting

  • want to learn deeply, take risks, and be inspired by others along their journey

  • are ready to have a greater impact in the world

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