Melanie Harris

Camilla Modesitt

"This experience changed my life! I learned so much from the trainings and the effective presentations helped me to engage my own agency, celebrate my identity as a leader and make powerful decisions to change my own life.  A part of the gift of this program is experiencing the high value of inclusive excellence and diversity and the open exchange between powerful women of various races, cultures, and socio-economic backgrounds.  It was a special gift to learn from each person's leadership styles and share strategies." 

–Dr. Melanie Harris, University of Denver ACE Fellow, Director of African American Studies / Professor of Religion TCU

"WomenThrive Leadership has been an incredible six months.  Searl and Elisa are expert coaches and facilitators providing an excellent curriculum, framework, and process for us to dig deep into our priorities, values, and beliefs.  More importantly, they do it in such a kind and gentle way that the work is welcome and positive.  They have created an incredibly safe and nurturing space.  If you show up with an open heart and mind WTL will be a transformative and guiding process in your life."

–Camilla Modesitt, Founder & Development Director, Denver Language School

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